About Yarmy's Army

Members of Yarmy's Army visit member Pat McCormack

Members of Yarmy's Army visit charter member Pat McCormack at the Motion Picture Hospital

A few years ago, a lovely man and gifted actor named Dick Yarmy was stricken with cancer.  Dick had a brother named Donald, better known to the world as Don Adams, star of Get Smart and other acclaimed shows.  When Dick was undergoing chemotherapy, Don and some friends decided to try a dose of Laughter Therapy, arranging a regular Tuesday night dinner of comedians, actors, writers, producers, directors and all-around funny folks.  They’d eat, they’d talk, they’d tell stories.  Best of all, Dick would laugh.

The dinners made Dick’s last months a lot jollier…but they also did a lot for the guests.  When Dick finally passed, those who’d gathered weekly to entertain him decided they didn’t want to lose the camaraderie…so Yarmy’s Army was born.  Now, they gather monthly — friends of Dick’s and others who’ve since joined the throng.  They amuse one another and they arrange to entertain at worthy venues with a large portion of the proceeds going to charity.  Membership is by invitation only.